Witness an eerie phenomenon that looks stunning

If you are on the look out for a unique experience, grab your surf boards and head to California. Beaches at San Diego are becoming a favorite amongst Kayakers, surfers and general tourists alike. As the sea waters hit the shores, the waves emit a beautiful starry glow at night. It may sound alien but scientists have developed a convincing logic. Lets look at some unique facts.

  • A microorganism named Lingulodinium Polyedrum is abound in these waters and they tend to emit light on being agitated. When the waves hit the rocks or the surfer’s board, the stress caused to this unique specie luminates the waters.
  • Students are using species to replicate this phenomenon in labs. When a jug full of them is shaken in a dark room, the stressed organisms glow.
  • If you don’t like riding the waves, you can even walk the beach and watch the sand underneath your shoes glow.
  • And if you are a day traveller you may not see the glowing phenomenon but you may witness something equally strange. The same cause results in a red tide effect.
  • If you are photographer, we are sorry to disappoint you but a regular camera is unlikely to capture the glowing effect. To naked eyes, it is distinctly visible but you need tremendous patience to capture it on lens.

Photo Courtesy: Cyberspaceandtime.com

2 thoughts on “Witness an eerie phenomenon that looks stunning

  1. This is a stunning phenomenon and one which I’ve only seen in far north Queensland when I lived on a boat and spend loads of time there…even hopping into a dinghy at night and see the trail of phosphorescent trailing behind us was incredible!

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

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