FAQs on Volcano Boarding

What is Volcano Boarding?

Sliding down a Volcano ( active or passive ) on a board. It is also called Ash boarding.

When did it all begin?

Snowboarding happened in 1964. Sand boarding started in 1974. Volcano Boarding is relatively new; it was first tried in 2002.

Is it an extreme sport?

Yes, in a way. You could get seriously injured with the rocks and rough volcanic ash if you tumble down. Another rare possibility is getting hit by molten lava.

But it gives an adrenaline rush because you ascend 2388 ft. (728 m)  and then come down from the drop zone at 95km/hr. Even at lower speeds you can be down the steep side in 3 minutes.

What do you need to come prepared with?

You need to wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes. The tour agency can provide safety equipment and the board.

The safety equipment will comprise of protective full suit, glares and gloves.

How do you do it?

You ascend up and the come down on your board, standing or sitting. If you want to know about a first-hand encounter read ‘s experience here.

Where can you do it?

Cerro Negro at Leon in Central America: BigFoot Hostel has a daily tour starting at 8:30 a.m.

It is an active volcano but it is closely monitored and the agency knows the right time to try the sport. Always go there with couple of days at hand. Just in case a day’s trip is canceled due to the forecasts, you will have the next day to give it a go. In any case, Leon is worth spending few days at.

( Interesting fact: The 1999 earthquakes triggered the Cerro Negro volcano which nearly destroyed the region. The very same volcano is now pushing up the region’s tourism and economy ).

How much does it cost?

$30 per person including transportation, gear, equipment and some refreshments. Plus there is $5 park fees.


How many people have tried it so far?

Zoltan Istvan, first tried at Mt. Yasur ( On an island near Australia ). He speaks of his experience here. You can no longer do it here. The locals respect the place and call him ‘The old man’. You can only go close to the crater and watch molten lava fly up.

In 2004, Daryn Webb was the first one to slide down Cerro Negro at Leon ( Central America ). He nurtured the sport. His agency has helped 40000+ tourists experience volcano boarding.

Got more questions? Post it here and I will try to answer it.




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